You will land on a cliff off the screen and gain 3 lives. The primates can find a large set of barrels at the bottom of a stairway located after the Star Barrel. Please follow one of the disambiguation links above or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. The most common enemies in the level are Zingers and Kaboings (both their gray and uncommon green v… It shoots the Kongs through a path below the ship where they obtain three Banana Coins, some bananas, and a Golden Feather, before another Blast Barrel blasts them back on the main path. That's where you can find most of the DK coins. Instead of doing this, the Kongs must jump toward a banana below, which indicates a hidden Blast Barrel. Throughout the level, there are hooks that Diddy and Dixie Kong can grapple on to reach higher areas or to cross wide gaps. 99 Coins for Chunky Kong 817FCA0E 0063. I been trying to beat it on my Game Boy Advance and every time I go on one of the hot air balloons, it keeps descending into the lava and making me die no matter what I do. ----- II. "DKC2" - The Lost World 10 question trivia ... Gangplank Galleon. This is based of the Game Boy Advance remake's intro, which can be viewed here: . This stage's appearance is inside a beehive and is known to have a lot of Zingers. Fly ahead of the ascending floor. Part of the magic of DKC2 is the way all these secrets are hidden. You should find two Banana Coins. After you do this press 'start' then press 'select' to exit the level. DKC2 starts where the first game ended on King K. Rool’s pirate ship, The Gang-Plank Galleon. DKC2 is often labeled as the darkest of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, for the general atmosphere is sinister and evil. Yet I can explain how. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. Kaboings and Krunchas are the newly introduced enemies in the game, and are the most common enemies in the level. Finally started DKC2 and DKC3 on GBA, Impressions with 103% more rambling! In the Game Boy Advance version, it has a more grayish appearance. However, it should be noted that some elements were tweaked in the remake.It was a relaxing, sunny day on Donkey Kong Island. On the other side of the pit, there is a treasure chest that holds a Banana Bunch. The player will need both this and the Nintendo Coin to open the gate to the last Boss Key in Hideout Helm. Kaboings and Krunchas are the newly introduced enemies in the game, and are the most common enemies in the level. Obscure DK Coin Descriptions #3 10 questions Average , 10 Qns, SandK, May 28 03 Well unfortunately this is probably my last quiz of this type since there is only a limited amount of DK coins in "DKC2" 41 to be exact but have fun with the last installment of these quizzes. DKC2 -The Flying Krock [UE4] ... such as the glass panelling and the DK Coin in the back. Walkthrough ----- I will list the worlds and their levels. In the Pirate Panic level, go to the bonus stage with Rambi. Diddy runs on some barrel platforms between a Kruncha and Klomp, The Kongs stand beneath the second Bonus Barrel, in a Team-up posture, Diddy standing beneath the letter K while a Kaboing approaches him, The Kongs jump from hooks in the second Bonus Area, The Kongs hanging from a hook right next to the End of Level Target, From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Enter the cabin, then jump when you are on the left wall. 1 Overview 2 Collectibles and Secrets 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Add a photo to this … If you get all the DK coins you will become a hero in the game and something else will happen too. After the Star Barrel, the Kongs encounter a gap which they need to cross by jumping from the hooks. He asked for Donkey Kong to join him, but DK simply continues lounging. If they jump on the target from the ground, they simply complete the level, but if they jump on it from a nearby hook, they complete the level and earn a prize. For this you have to beat K.Rool and successfully complete the game. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest for Super NES.If you've … If not, then go up again and over to the right. Right at the start of the level before you move press the 'R' to make one of the kongs jump on the other. Once they cross the pit, they come up to the End of Level Target. This game is unique in that it kept the names of all but two of the worlds in Diddy's Kong Quest (the two … Tech Rules Recommended for you If the primates do not travel along these barrels, they must instead travel through a lower part of the ship that is full of Kaboings. A stairway follows the barrel that a few Neeks march along. Pause game play, then press Select. You are now directly before the end of this level! If not, then go up again and over to the right. After they travel down an additional stairway, they come up to a few barrel platforms with two Klomps on top of and in front of them. It is followed by a large group of barrels that form two rows. Get the barrel and get Squitter. Go to the third stage in the Gloomy Gulch level (where there is a lot of wind). The Kongs encounter four types of underwater enemies: Flotsams, Puftups, Shuris and Lockjaws. This one is sort of a prequel to my most recent FAQ, being a DK Coin guide for DKC3. There are a total of 75 coins in the game, meaning 75 different Bonus Barrels and 5 stages in Lost World. After the heroes climb to the top of a nearby stairway that Neeks march along, they come up to a wide abyss that they can cross with the use of a hook floating over it. Win all the trophies in the Expresso races. Two more tall piles of barrels are after this stack, and between each of them is a hook with a Banana Bunch or the letter O below it. A red Zinger appears in the first Bonus Area. Throw the kong upwards killing the enemy. Then press 'R' again and jump and throw the kong up and left. Ask a question below and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. When there is a banana arrow pointing to the left, use his A-charge to break the wall. Neeks and Klomps. Once the Kongs head past the pile of barrels, they make their way up a set of stairs with a few Kaboings on them and then approach a wide abyss with some hooks above it. On the world Gloomy Gulch, the level ghostly grave you can easily get 99 lives. Once the Kongs climb a small stairway with a Klomp at the top of it, they can discover a Star Barrel. You will see a number made out of bananas. I hope you may find them useful. Beat the game and all five lost world levels. They can obtain the letter N, which is hovering above the center. These are all 40 DK Coins in Donkey Kong Country 2. A Kruncha is on each of the rows, and an additional Kruncha marches in front of the barrels. The Kongs must use Team-Up to the right of the first Bonus Barrel. 99 Coins for Lanky Kong 817FC952 0063. A comparison of the day to evening transitional effect. Aside from the common collectible items, the Kongs can find: K-O-N-G Letters, Banana Bunch Coin, and even a Bonus Barrel. After all the Krows, there is a part with red and yellow bees hovering. My solution would be simple: Youtube it. Glimmer's Galleon (Donkey Kong Land 2) – a level in Donkey Kong Land 2. An Invincibility Barrel is found after three Krunchas and two hooks. Two pairs of large barrels are ahead of here. A Banana Bunch is located to the right of the second barrel pair, and a small stairway with a Kaboing on it is below it. For every world their will be a level in the lost world. Top Voted Answer. Kremkoin Get Rambi (see below). There are 68 coins in all. Gangplank Galleon: DK Coin From: vozskhurt. Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls, (GBA), Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town, (GBA), Naruto RPG: Uketsugareshi Hi No Ishi, (GBA). It is a silver coin with the Rareware logo on it. Unwritten Rules of DKC2. Bramble Scramble takes place within a large infestation of brambles inside the carnival area of Krazy Kremland. It is the second bramble level, the first one being Bramble Blast. For this to work you need both kongs. The heroes can spot a trail of bananas leading upwards near the rat enemy, and a hidden Barrel Cannon is above it that can shoot them onto a tall stack of barrels. Glimmer's Galleon takes place in the flooded cargo of a dark, submerged galleon. After the Star Barrel, the Kongs must jump onto some barrel platforms guarded by a Kruncha. Secret items are often hidden on the highly stacked barrels. This page was last edited on August 19, 2020, at 13:03. Scorpion2121 - 9 years ago. hellogreatman, Sep 6, 2006. They can find an Invincibility Barrel on the other side of the pit that makes them invincible for a limited amount of time when they hit it. As the game progressed, I came to know how he thought and what he'd be likely to do. The barrels can be climbed on to aid the heroes in reaching a higher ledge with a hook above it that hangs next to the letter K. If the primates continue from here, they come down another small stairway with a few Kaboings on it. Gangplank Galleon ----- There are 5 DK coins and 11 Kremkoins to collect here. Options. Then, go to the right. At the start of the level, the Kongs enter a cabin where they must enter a Rattly Barrel, which transforms them into Rattly the Rattlesnake for most of the level. There are 40 in all. I remember reading about Kerozene and Kroctopus, as … DK COIN: At the start, take out the Kutlass, then hit the UPPER Zinger with the DK Barrel. 0. In all the other worlds, you will start to find a "Klubba's Koisk" in each world. An Invincibility Barrel first appears in this level, located near the end. This is probably the most annoying level in the game. DK coin Get Squawks (see the hard-to-find objects section). The water in the background is green during the sunset. The Kongs begin the level in front of a large pile of barrels with a Bonus Barrel on top of them and a few hooks to the right of it that hang above a Banana Bunch and the level's DK Coin. User Info: Scorpion2121. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake code listed above. A red Zinger appears in the first Bonus Area. Post #1. Kremkoin Drop into the "hole" (a crack in the ship) immediately left of [N]; walk to the right, to directly under [N]. The Virtual Boy had a naturally dark color scheme, and could provide killer 3-D effects for things that fit said color scheme, specifically … In the Game Boy Advance version, the Kongs can find three Banana Coins hidden past the End of Level Target. Press L + R between levels except when in the Gyrocopter to see your medal ranking compared with the all time Nintendo heroes. In the level Gangplank Galley, jump up the first barrels at the start, up where the first Bonus Barrel is. glimmer's galleon. Note: There is a bonus stage afterwards. A few barrels are stacked up ahead of here that the Kongs can climb on to reach a few bananas and a DK Barrel, which is followed by a small stairway that a few Kaboings hop along.