Professional Status I'm here for payback! Occupation His strength, like all Super Saiyans, increases in 50-fold. Manga name Interestingly, Bardock and Gine are not shown interacting after both join Tekka's Team, though Tekka's Team occasionally encounter them together on the same team as enemy NPCs (due to the nature of the time-space rift, multiple counterparts can co-exist and even fight one another). Bardock decides to keep his identity a secret from his son and denies knowing him, causing Goku to reveal that Bardock's scent feels familiar, kinda like his Grandpa Gohan's implying that Goku instinctively remembered his father's scent from when he was young, though he was unable to recognize it due to losing his memory of his life as Kakarot. bardock267 evil bardock is sexy. He is the second to achieve it while having a tail, but unlike Goku in Dragon Ball GT with all his conventional Super Saiyan forms, his tail does not turn gold while transformed. In Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru's original character design, Bardock had a longer scar, his hair was more spiked (similar to Vegeta's hair), his Battle Armor was a lighter shade of green, and it had three or four flaps at the waist, and did not wear the long-legged jumpsuit he has in Akira Toriyama's final design for the 1990 TV special. Though Mira and the Masked Saiyan get away, Future Trunks recognized Bardock's face when his mask was partially broken thus allowing the Time Patrol to discover both the Masked Saiyan's identity and learn how the Time Breakers operate forcing Towa to change tactics during The Emperor's Return Saga. — Bardock in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Bardock As a Super Saiyan, Bardock resembles his son. In Bardock - The Father of Goku, after returning from Kanassa and having his wounds healed, Bardock is said to have a power level close to 10,000, approaching King Vegeta. Only when it was his race on the chopping block did he say 'no **** that'. While pondering Bardock's absence after defeating Mira, Trunks states the Super Saiyan 3 comes with exhaustive power and due to Bardock's sudden explosion of power, the Future Warrior and his group assume that Bardock has either destroyed himself due the strain of his Super Saiyan 3 transformation or has been transported to another part in time where he continues to fight. While praised by others as brilliant, Bardock rejects such compliments, believing that he is simply experienced for combat. Due to his actions of saving his companions, which is rare for a Saiyan, he is greatly adored among a portion of the low-class warriors. Later, Bardock adopts Tora's blood-soaked armband as a headband when he fights Team Dodoria on Planet Meat, which he retains when he attempts to kill Frieza. His hair also stands up in the front with five spikes and four in the back. After being freed from his mind control, Bardock's new power allowed him to keep Mira at bay in a Full Nelson; Mira is unable to shake him off, though Mira claims that his power level is higher than Bardock's and Bardock's ability to overpower him is later attributed to a combination of Bardock's indomitable will, his rage over being manipulated, and due to Mira and Towa underestimating his Saiyan Power. Bardock heads home to reunite with Gine and asks if their son, Kakarot, is still in his incubator. Chilled kicks him and begins to crush him. In Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza, Bardock is mentioned by a Kanassan while Goku is visiting their planet. Bardock offers to join Tekka's Team so he can train Goku causing Goku to ask Tekka if Bardock can join and Tekka agrees. Time Breaker Bardock makes his first appearance. He then transforms into a Super Saiyan. Evil Bardock! in his underwear) however as seen in "mystic pansy of the opera" he doesn't like it when he's naked while saving his son's girlfriends. The Evil Bardock that appears in Dragon Ball Online. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Towa having captured Bardock brainwashes and augments his body to turn him into the Masked Saiyan, resulting in Bardock receiving a massive power increase, though over time his power increased further still. Later, despite being heavily wounded, Bardock forces his way through dozens of Frieza's troops on his own in an effort to reach Frieza's ship, which he does successfully and without any effort. Masked Saiyan (仮面のサイヤ人, Kamen no Saiyajin), also referred to as Time Breaker Bardock, is a state taken on by Bardock in Dragon Ball Online after being saved from Frieza's Supernova and taken control of by Mira. [6] Her gentle nature has also changed Bardock's behavior, as Saiyans usually do not demonstrate care for their children but Bardock does. Final Revenger – An attack used to defeat Dodoria's elites on Planet Meat. Later on, he wears Tora's blood soaked armband as a headband when he fights Frieza's Elites on Planet Meat. Bardock foi desenhado com o conceito de que "ele tem a mesma cara que Goku". Bardock has unkempt hair which partially stands on end and a scar on his left cheek. dbz. The second clip you mentioned is from the film, Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock. His tail is also draped more loosely around his hips. Supreme Kai of Time, Elder Kai, Trunks, and the Future Warrior observe their battle via the Scroll of Eternity during the Unknown History Saga. Then, all three characters are transported to Earth due to the Dragon Balls (a wish made by Goku to transport everyone to Earth). Counterparts Flustered by meeting her son she runs off and is later saved from a group of fighters that were planning to target a Saiyan before he could become a Super Saiyan, which Gine overheard and objected too, by Goku and Tekka's Team. Future BardockXeno Bardock. Arguably his most distinctive trait is the long thick rough scar running down his left cheek. Gine says that he is, but it has been three years, so he will be released soon. In Sub-Event: "An Unlikely Pair", Bardock's wife Gine is also transported to the Timespace Rift after Tekka opens a time hole with Burst Ki and like Bardock meets their son Kid Goku, though she too also chooses to keep her true identity and relationship to Goku a secret. — Bardock's answer to Chilled after the latter asked who he is, Bardock after saving Ipana from Chilled's soldiers. — Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. Anime name Super Saiyan Blue Goku in Bardock's vision in Xenoverse 2. The Masked Saiyan is also seen watching as the Future Warrior helps Trunks against Mira in Age 762. He and Chilled begin fighting once more, and Chilled tries to Ki Blast him to death, and as a last resort, he uses a Death Ball to try to destroy Planet Plant along with Bardock. Bardock manages to defeat Mira but mysteriously disappears from the Time Rift, leaving the defeated Mira beaten, yet alive. Address While on an unknown planet with a fellow Saiyan comrade, he is able to easily decimate the native aliens of that planet. King Vegeta II (Nikon23's Extended Universe), King Vegeta (Nikon23's Extended Universe),, Grandaddy (By Pans excluding Princess Pan), Milord/lord (By others who aren't his family and are part of Bartek's organization), Fanfic: Dragon Ball Z BH saga 2 (The strongest dad vs strongest dad), Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic menace, Saving his son's girlfriends in underwear, Great ape - having a tail, Bardock can transform into an oozaru, unlike his source meterial/"brother", he can talk in this form (but only becuase his son was holding his tail a bit too much, so he trained it). His hair becomes blond and stands up, his eyes turn into a light green, and he acquires a golden aura. Personal Status planet vegeta. During the third Time Machine Quest (TMQ3), Time Breaker Bardock appears in the Age 761 to interrupt Gohan's training with Piccolo, the player has to pass through a number of battles, whilst doing it, Time Breaker Bardock succeeded in brainwashing Gohan in his Great Ape form. Despite the pronounced snout while in this form, Bardock visibly retains his scar while transformed. In Dragon Ball Fusions, Bardock can fuse with adult Goku by wear a Metamo-Ring and performing the Fusion Dance to create their EX-Fusion form, Barlot. He enjoys his "grandson" Future Gohan, In his first design he wears pink t-shirt, pink bandana and white (later dark blue) pants, later that design was changed to him wearing Bardock's armor since it looks cooler, he also has red armbands, Despite being a clone of Earth Bardock, he has the personality of the real Bardock, however he cares not only for his friends but his family as well, he's also a macho, Bardock's clone is also a henpecked husband, fearing his own wife (the same thing can be said about his nephew thought), The title of him being "evil" is becuase he's the evil version of Bardock (who now became good), despite the title, Evil Bardock is neutral in personality (altough he likes killing), In his BASE form he has the power level of Super Saiyan 4 Goku, but he's still weaker than his son Bartek......and his wife. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru's original character design (. Bardock also made cameo appearances in the Dragon Ball Z anime series,[13][14][15] including during Frieza's flashbacks to the 'final confrontation' scene featured at the climax of Bardock - The Father of Goku when Frieza deduces Bardock's relation to Goku when recalling his destruction of Planet Vegeta. Thinking to himself, Bardock tells Kakarot to get good and strong, before correcting himself and calling him Goku. Bardock is suddenly assaulted by Dodoria's Elite, although for a low-class Saiyan, he is able to dominate over the elite-class fighters until Dodoria launches a Energy Cannon, overpowering Bardock, blasting him into his friends' dead bodies and leaving him for dead. Bardock (バーダック) is a low-class Saiyan warrior, and the father of Raditz and Goku (Kakarot). It was stated by Akira Toriyama that Bardock was one of the strongest low-class warriors, but was not strong enough to be considered a mid-class warrior. Bardock endures one last conversation with his most esteemed friend, Tora. He is being treated by two aliens: the village doctor Ipana and his son Berry. Bardock He wears a dark blue and green Battle Armor, dark blue combat pants, long red armbands with matching leg warmers, a green Scouter on his left eye, and black and green boots. This article, Evil Bardock (BH Saga), is the property of BH Ouji. Bardock's appearance is very similar to Goku's. "This will be an opportunity to change Planet Vegeta's fate, my own fate, to change Kakarot's fate... And yours too!" Posteriormente, o amarelo se transformou em verde, o roxo em verm… Bardock supposedly dies along with Planet Vegeta when Frieza uses his Supernova. After dealing a certain amount of damage, the fight ends. [6] He has a great sense of pride and independence as while most Saiyans have all been tamed by Frieza and his army, even King Vegeta, Bardock is the only one that maintains something of their pure nature and showed a willingness to challenge Frieza.[7]. Bardock is saved by Mira from Frieza's technique, but he is then controlled by Mira to be his servant. While still a Saiyan soldier at heart with a stern and straightforward approach to things, he was more social as he would warmly greet other Saiyans after arriving in his home world. Interestingly, he retains the red shinguards, red wristlets and the red headband wore by the main timeline Bardock. Super Saiyan Bardock about to walk towards Chilled. "Kakarot has the critical responsibility of beating Frieza, he is fighting for the Saiyans, for everyone who died on planet Vegeta! Bardock can be found by Tekka's Team atop a rocky pillar in Area 4F of the Timespace Rift. As a result, Bardock is recruited as a member of Tekka's Team. Unlike his younger son, he has a tanner skin-tone and his eyes are more defined and sterner, much like his elder son. Anime Bardock attains the Super Saiyan 4 form.[17]. However Towa and Mira apparently intervene by creating the wormhole that sends Bardock to a distant past, and he is later shown near the end of the opening as the Masked Saiyan. This leads to Sub-Event: "Father's Fist". While fighting in the time rift between dimensions, Bardock takes advantage of the power increase he received from Towa's modifications to fight Mira in his base form. At the end of the fifth Time Machine Quest (TMQ5), it has been shown Bardock also survived his own self-destruction attack. Cooler witnesses his brother confronting the last Saiyan as well as him destroying planet Vegeta. Vowing to avenge the four, Bardock removes Tora's Armband, now soaked in blood, and dons it over his head. When Berry arrives at the cave with a basket of food, Bardock tells him to leave, but eventually eats the young alien's food and grows tolerant of him over time. He makes his debut in the 1990 special Bardock - The Father of Goku. Bardock is the only user of Super Saiyan 4 to keep his tail secured around his waist even while in the said form. This opening comes when Bardock attempts to kill Frieza using a Final Spirit Cannon, which Frieza retaliates with by laughing maniacally as he expands a charging Supernova which absorbs Bardock's blast. In the Infinite History Saga, if Bardock is a mentor in the final battle against Dabura and Demigra, Bardock will tell the Future Warrior that he didn't join the Time Patrol to protect people or save history, instead he joined so he could fight strong people throughout different eras.