Accounting is the most rigorous but versatile. Lastly, not all majors at RBS are equal in terms of reputation and employability. I have taken two accounting courses the first one went well, but during the second one I realized that maybe accounting wasn't the right decision for me. Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, 3 + 1 + 1 or 3 + 2 Transfer program for a Bachelor’s degree from CUFE, and a Master’s Degree from Rutgers Business School in one of nine Master’s programs. I plan on transferring to Rutgers and I was leaning towards accounting. If you have questions regarding our nondiscrimination policies, please contact the University-wide Title IX Coordinator at University Ethics and Compliance, 330 George Street, Suite 2100, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, 732-234-5304 or email Students should use the Rutgers-Camden Catalog as your guide through the program. The Bloustein School allows students to double major or major/minor across programs. It's hard to double major/minor, unless you came in with a lot of AP credits (which I've done). Most people do not start their major courses until their junior year. You're best to have interests outside of RBS to balance it out. Many finance majors think they will get into IB easily or some other top company. Seeing Double (and Triple) at Rutgers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Supply Chain Management Major Key Facts: • Top Undergraduate Business Schools in the US, Poets & Quants, 2020 • Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Management undergraduate program is ranked 2nd in North America, Gartner, 2018 • Over 92% of graduating seniors are placed within 3 months of graduation with 75% placed at or before graduation I was wondering what the best major at the RBS-NB? It's hard to double major/minor, unless you came in with a lot of AP credits (which I've done). Many people will tell you finance is where the money is (and for good reason) but getting a solid job out of undergrad requires massive amounts of networking and really being the best of the best. If you find business somewhat interesting, and eliminated other fields, then go for it. This cleared up so much for me. I would recommend pairing accounting with another major in either the Business School , like supply chain, or a wealth of other SAS majors. I'll be working at one of the Big4 (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, E&Y) and my starting salary is about $15k more than someone working in accounting/tax. Have questions? You have to take around 10 stupid courses that are irrelevant. The best preparation for the demands of a diverse and global society is a comprehensive, wide-ranging background in the liberal arts and sciences, combined with in-depth knowledge of more than one field of study. I really can't thank you enough! I mainly chose it because it seemed like a great career to have, but now I am curious about the other majors offered at the business school. What makes you say marketing is a joke here? A Long History of Being Awesome. Could anyone tell me more about the program and its environment? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official subreddit for Rutgers University October 2010. Are there lots of oral presentations and boring text readings? The Rutgers Business School Undergraduate-New Brunswick program educates students for an ever-changing global economy. He is the current President of the ALPFA Rutgers-Newark Chapter and will be serving his term during his senior year. Students in SEBS or any Rutgers-New Brunswick professional school need permission from their dean’s office. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Students interested in taking only business courses should see the MBA program at Rutgers Business School and Camden Business School. Many people I know found employment at well-known companies, such as Goldman Sachs, the big 4, Citi, etc. The Business Core curriculum is the most ridiculous requirement. It's a cutthroat programme with rampant cheating. I would suggest finance and BAIT double major if you are interested in either/both. I read a post on reddit saying that the student community is cutthroatt and backstabbing, but of course, there's always two sides to every story. In addition to the 3 MSIS-department core courses and 4 required BAIT courses explicitly mentioned above, students must complete the 9 remaining business core courses and at least 3 BAIT electives (of which up to 2 … Another perk is that the curriculum is relatively easy as the post below me has mentioned. I was originally an engineering major but had no passion for it. A total of 60 credits is required for the Information Systems Major. There are five upper level math courses to choose from in their technical elective list. Rutgers business school majors . Most people do not start their major courses until their junior year. Bio: My name is Harith Arra, and I am currently a sophomore in the Rutgers Business School double majoring in Finance and BAIT. One of the main perks of RBS is the fact that you will get a job after graduation. The big 4 recruits heavily here. Are there any business degrees I could get at Rutgers NB without getting into the business school? This isn't high school or community college. Yes, the MBS program offers full-time and part-time options. Don't just go into a field because of money and stability. Rutgers is not heavily recruited by IB companies, like the Ivies or to an extent, NYU are. As the weather cools down and school falls into its normal cadences, once-high schoolers, who just months ago cracked open college guides in search of their potential majors for the first time, are now members of the University’s Class of 2022 and its many … The sky is really the limit with BAIT. Though truth be told you can always jump ship from accounting into finance or ops roles so its quite versatile. * The culture is not as cut-throat as the Ivies I believe, but if you just work hard, do not cheat, and find your niche, you will be fine. Rutgers Business School. Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick. Engineering School students must apply to and be accepted by the School of Arts and Sciences and, at the time of graduation, they would receive a separate degree from each school. I would consider myself a fairly lazy/carefree person so this sounds an environment that I would absolutely hate. Haverlock plans to tackle a double major at Rutgers, combining cell biology and neuroscience with music and art history. The Mechanical Engineering curriculum has 2 technical elective requirements. Share. Yeah I definitely don't see myself doing Accounting after last the last semester with it, and I have been considering economics but I hear the job market can be tough if you don't have a graduate degree (which I am not opposed to getting). At this point I’m pretty clueless on what I should do. Though be prepared to burn an effigy of the AIS professor. And thank you for your response. He is currently a Finance Intern at The Access Group and will remain with the company until graduation. Rutgers Business School Bachelor of Science - BS Finance and Supply Chain Management. General Education Requirements: Students applying for re-enrollment as a second-degree student are not required to complete the general education requirements. RBS has a very highly regarded supply chain program. It wasn't that bad. Bio: I am a double major in Supply Chain and BAIT. Major: Finance & BAIT . The program is designed specifically for undergraduate science majors such as biology, business, chemistry, environmental science, or physics. December 7, 2011. Individuals wishing to pursue the BA in HRM are advised to apply directly to the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. Upon acceptance into SAS, students are required to complete the SAS core requirements, those of the HRM major, and those of a minor (or a second major) for a … You have the ability to earn even more than that by working in industry instead of for a consulting firm. The last perk is that RBS is pretty reputable. Fredda Sacharow. Closest degree to business without being in b-school is Economics, but you would be better off at RBS. So yes, RBS is very good in terms of employment, which is all that should matter in the end. Finance Major Rutgers Business School Newark And New Brunswick Bs Finance Center For Career Development Print Prt4798321846308834377 Tif 21 Pages What Can You Do With A Business Degree Top Universities Tags bachelor of science in business administration major in financial management bachelor of science in business administration major in financial management jobs bachelor of … The admissions application can be found on the New Brunswick Undergraduate Admissions website. The Business Core curriculum is the most ridiculous requirement. Nick Romanenko. B. Dual Degree, Double major, and Minor Programs: Minors, majors, and dual degrees provide students with the opportunity to broaden skill sets outside of engineering. I hope to help other students with anything RBS or career related to the best of my abilities. Just don't cheat. Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Whatsapp Email Print How the spike in multiple births 20 years ago plays out today on campus Vanessa Martinez, left, and her sister Andrea say they talk about "anything and everything" together. I've seen people from classes other than at RBS cheat on exams. So finance allows you to create your own path, but you will have to be active about that. Rutgers Business School Double Major Students with a minimum grade-point average of a 3.0 may declare a double major within Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark (RBS) by completing the RBS Request to Double Major formand submitting the completed form to the RBS Undergraduate Program Office, 1 Washington Park, Room 324. Yes, I know several people who were able to seek employment at Goldman, Merill, etc, but they had to actively seek out these opportunities. I was wondering what the best major at the RBS-NB? Please note the requirements will not overlap. To that end, the School of Arts & Sciences-Newark, with the cooperation of faculty from all of the campus' other schools, has redesigned the general education requirements for the campus to prepare students to successfully pursue a wide range of professional activities as well as to pursue graduate tra… Students can only complete one major. In the fourth year, students begin taking courses toward the M.B.A., completing both degrees in as little as five-and-a-half to six years. The problem is, all the reviews I have heard about the business school have been negative. You have to take around 10 stupid courses that are irrelevant. *Make sure you explore other careers as well. 9 credits or more per semester is considered full-time and anything less is considered as part-time. Dual Degrees - Double Majors/Minors Students can earn dual degrees from the School of Engineering and the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. Very few people have had trouble finding a job, and starting salaries are very high. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I plan on transferring to Rutgers and I was leaning towards accounting. Tushar Paul is a student at Rutgers Business School - Newark.He is pursuing a double major in accounting and finance with a minor in economics. Marketing is seen as a joke here, supply chain is highly regarded because of its mandatory internship program and plethora of networking events. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official subreddit for Rutgers University I am a current sophomore at Rutgers Business School, majoring in accounting and BAIT. Posted by 5 years ago. Date. Rutgers business school majors. I have heard good things about BAIT and I will definitely look into it. It's easy to maintain a high GPA (3.5+), especially if you are a marketing or supply chain major. In the Rutgers Business School, accounting and finance degrees were among the most popular choices for first-year students. I switched to accounting and BAIT and really enjoyed it. Is the business school really as bad/hard as people make it out to be? Founded in 1766, Rutgers … Not sure if it's your cup of tea (IT and data analytics), but it'll set you up for a great career. Comp Sci or ITI would set you up well, and economics is always a good choice. Overall, RBS is a pretty decent program and if your goal is to attain a practical degree and guaranteed employment, then you should go here. RU RAH RAH, Press J to jump to the feed. You just have to seek out those opportunities, but you will get a job. Finance and Accounting are the core RBS majors; everything else is worth fuck all. Can I take courses Part-time? Our leadership in New Jersey and strong corporate reputation help our industry-connected professors and dedicated career management team prepare business school students to work at world-class companies. Passion matters too. So the other majors don't really count for much? I currently have around 3.85 GPA and the only thing I really have an interest in is business. You can definitely do just as well if you do not cheat, but it will be more work. By. This isn't high school or community college. Close. Many engineering majors have math courses in their technical elective list. 2017 - 2021 ... Finance and Supply Chain Management Double Major at Rutgers University. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Current Rutgers-Newark nonbusiness students may apply to RBS after earning a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.50. There are numerous business orgs and lots of networking opportunities that school presents. Ronald Morales is an Accounting and Finance Double Major at Rutgers Business School in the Newark, NJ Campus. If you run into Joseph and Matthew Hayes on Rutgers… For students double-majoring with or changing majors from Accounting, 33:010:458 Accounting Information Systems may be substituted for 33:136:370 Management Information Systems. It is what it is. Name: Harith Arra. First-year and transfer students may be accepted into RBS directly with indication of a business major on their initial Rutgers University-Newark application. April 2014 in Rutgers University. I would say it's the best business school in NJ and the further you go away from NJ, its rep. becomes higher. RBS is a four-year undergraduate school. All that being said, I find that cheating is a pretty big thing here, but I think in general, the whole university experiences it. Double Major: Students applying for re-enrollment cannot double major. Students in SAS are allowed to declare a Bloustein School major/minor combination. I am currently in my 2nd year of CC. This is pretty much true, I think they're probably the most popular majors. The supply chain program is pretty well regarded, though. SAS will consider waiving the requirement of the minor for students transferring to SAS from the Rutgers School of Engineering, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick, or College of Nursing if at time of transfer they have amassed 18 or more credits, with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, within a specific professional school subject. Tell that to that large amount of BAIT and SCM majors that have jobs with $70k+ starting salaries. I graduated RBS with a mid-3.8 GPA, made some friends, made some acquaintances, and got a good job. Finance is a hit or miss. I have taken two accounting courses the first one went well, but during the second one I realized that maybe accounting wasn't the right decision for me. The curriculum of the Rutgers School of Business–Camden undergraduate programs is at the cutting-edge of 21st century business education. Based on their majors, students will be assisted by their advisor in selecting their courses for their fall semester . Please only submit one application. RU RAH RAH, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. walkingdead1480 165 replies 55 threads Junior Member. Grad Year: 2022. BAIT is a new major, but is well-regarded by companies as well. The SCM majors I know haven't said anything bad about the program, and they have a positive outlook on their careers. First-year and transfer students attending Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences in the fall will be asked their intended major on their Course Selection Form which they will hand in to their Academic Advisor. His brother, Steven, is looking forward to his own double major: English and women’s and gender studies. I live right by Rutgers NB so I always thought the logical choice was for me to transfer from CC to the Rutgers business school. So, a student in the ME dept is already required to take Calc I – IV and Calc V. If (s)he took 640:250 and another math course to fulfill the two technical ele… Archived. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Please contact I did my part by turning in (some) cheaters. Same, I am one lazy fuck and never networked and got slightly above average grades (3.5). Take a look at the BAIT major. The Information Systems Major is open to all NCAS and UCN students, and as a second major to other Rutgers Newark undergraduates, except for majors in Computer Science and in Management Information Systems. 2. These programs are offered in conjunction with various other undergraduate schools at Rutgers University, including the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. During the first three years, student follow the typical undergraduate degree track. Supply Chain Management and Marketing Double Major at Rutgers Business School New York City Metropolitan Area 210 connections. I got a 62k job and many of my friends also got great jobs too. Thank you for your reply, I am trying to look at all the options and seeing if any of them genuinely interest me instead of doing Acct because it looks good. I do not know a single person who graduated RBS who is unemployed. Join to Connect Rutgers University. People say the professors are horrible, the courses are incredibly tedious and difficult, and the students are all heartless dicks who only care about personal gain. Technical Minor: A math minor consists of Calc I –IV, Linear Algebra (640:250), and three upper level (300 or above) math courses. I will try to give an unbiased review of it. Though not one personally, I know a couple marketing majors and they seem to like their classes. A double major consists of two majors within the same school or college; RSBC double majors must complete a minimum of ... Rutgers University, School of Business, 227 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102 or email the letters to Replies to: Spring Transfer Double Major Question #1. kenmarksnj 90 replies 7 threads Junior Member. It’s the official source of degree information, including course descriptions, University policies, professors, internship programs, and more. 1.