Carroll Park takes its name from John Carroll, a native of Ireland who came to Long Beach at the turn of the 20th century. He established the neighborhood as the first planned housing tract in Long Beach. Most accounts of the story behind the neighborhood’s unique circular layout and narrow winding streets hold that Carroll wanted to deter farm and ranch wagons on their way to downtown, because of his daughter’s frail health. The four small parks that marked the tract’s original corner intersections are still enjoyed by residents and visitors.

The homes in Carroll Park exhibit a wide variety of architectural styles, from the early Victorian residences to Craftsman Cottages and California Bungalows. At least twelve houses and three barns built when the neighborhood was established still stand, although John Carroll’s three story mansion was eventually razed to make way for a church. About 75 houses in Carroll Park were built before 1940.

Carroll Park was designated a Historic Landmark District in 1982. Carroll Park is bordered by 3rd Street on the south, Wisconsin Avenue to the east, 4th Street to the north, and Junipero Avenue to the west. Adjacent neighborhoods are Bluff Heights, Rose Park South, and Alamitos Beach.